AccessMatters believes voting is a basic right that all people should be able to exercise without barriers. Elected officials influence the policies that directly impact the lives of ALL Pennsylvanians. They influence decisions on various issues related to access to sexual and reproductive health care and many other issues that impact people’s health and wellbeing. That’s why AccessMatters is a proud partner and supporter of National Voter Registration Day and the Committee of Seventy’s WeVote Initiative.   

Pennsylvanians will go to the polls on November 7, 2023, to elect municipal and county-level offices, plus statewide and municipal judges. These elections are critical to policymaking on sexual and reproductive health issues and directly impact people’s lives. AccessMatters is counting on your vote to protect and expand access to critical health care and information.  

Guide to Voting in the November 2023 General Election  

The important deadlines regarding ballots are listed below. However, we encourage you to register or apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot as soon as possible to avoid delays and ensure your vote is counted!  


General Election Voting  

The general election day is on Tuesday, November 7. While the polls will be open throughout the state from 7am to 8pm, any registered voter now has the option to vote by mail!   

  • Voting at a Polling Place  
  • Voting by Mail  
  • There are two types of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania: absentee, which are for individuals who will be out of their municipality on Election Day or who have a disability or illness, and mail-in ballots, which are available to all qualified voters for any reason. You must have already applied to request a mail-in ballot online or by mail.  
  • Applying for a Mail-in Ballot or Absentee Ballot:  
  • Mail-in ballot and absentee ballot applications must be received by your county election office by 5pm on October 31, 2023. You can track the status of your mail-in application or ballot online as well!  
  • Completing Your Ballot Once You Receive It: 
  • Once you receive your mail-in ballot (after submitting your application by November 1), the completed ballot must be received by the County Board of Elections by 8pm on Tuesday, November 7 
  • Note: You are encouraged to request a mail-in ballot and return the completed ballot prior to the deadline.  

General Election Ballot

The following offices will appear on the November 7 ballot in Pennsylvania:  

  • PA Judge of the Supreme Court  
  • PA Justice of the Supreme Court  
  • PA Judge of the Commonwealth Court 
  • PA Superior Court Judicial Retention Election 1 
  • PA Superior Court Judicial Retention Election 2 
  • Local Ballot Measures  

If you want to learn more about what will be on your ballot, you can find more information and practice ballots at Vote 411 

Additional Resources  

  • Visit Votes PA for voter registration information, vote-by-mail information, and polling location information.  
  • Committee of Seventy’s WeVote Initiative: You can build your own ballot and find out more information about this year’s election.   
  • League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania  
  • Vote 411 offers a personalized ballot tool that provides you with information on the different candidates specific to your address.  
  • Report any issues to the Pennsylvania Department of State online or call 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772). 
  • From another state? Look into options available in your state for voting by mail, voting early, and more on   


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