Earlier today, the U.S. Supreme Court released its official decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overruling the landmark court case Roe v. Wade and decimating the right to abortion care in the United States, and threatening other rights we hold dear – LGBTQAI+ rights, contraceptive access, rights around marriage and consensual sexual expression – that are grounded in a fundamental right to privacy.

This decision from the Supreme Court completely disregards the public health impacts of abortion, as abortion restrictions offer no public health benefits and are actually associated with negative public health outcomes — such as higher rates of pregnancy-related deaths and infant deaths. As a public health organization, AccessMatters will continue to support access to all reproductive health options. 

Even as we condemn this decision, let us also recognize our power – and what we can do to help protect reproductive health access in the coming weeks and months.   

  • Sign AccessMatters’ petition to let your legislators know you support abortion access in Pennsylvania. 
  • Oppose Senate Bill 106, which aims to ban abortion in Pennsylvania through a state constitutional amendment. 
  • Volunteer to write a letter to the editor to submit to your local paper talking about what is at risk. 
  • Vote in Pennsylvania’s general election in November and register a friend or family member who isn’t already registered to vote. Explain why it all matters to you. 
  • Join our email list to receive critical action alerts in your inbox!
  • Organize your friends and family to do this and more. 

In the post-Roe world, we will be here – for our community, for our provider partners and clients, for each other. Access truly does matter. Let’s work together and in coalition to protect all reproductive health options for everyone. 


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