Family planning during a pandemic? We can help.

Sexual and reproductive health are a part of life and they don’t need to take a backseat, even during a pandemic. Access is more important than ever.

AccessMatters’ healthcare providers are open and able to help you keep up with your sexual and reproductive health even in the midst of COVID-19. Many of our healthcare providers are offering telehealth and others are offering curbside pickup for condoms, birth control and emergency contraception.

AccessMatters’ healthcare providers have hours for in-person appointments on a limited basis and some are even still offering walk-in services.

If you are comfortable visiting a health center or more content with a telehealth appointment to check up on your sexual health – it doesn’t matter because we’re here regardless of what kind of care you are seeking or how you want to receive it.

For free or low-cost confidential health services and info during COVID-19,

text “StayHealthy” to


or call


.  Our hotline team is here to help connect you with a healthcare provider near you.

Kissing may be canceled, but sexual health is here to stay.

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