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Statement from AccessMatters’ President & CEO Melissa Weiler Gerber on HHS Victory in Title X Rule Lawsuit

[PHILADELPHIA, PA – February 9, 2022]: Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) succeeded in protecting the 2021 Biden-Harris Title X Family Planning Rule against legal efforts aimed at reinstating the dangerous 2019 Trump-era Title X Rule. AccessMatters’ released the following statement from Melissa Weiler Gerber:

Yesterday, HHS succeeded in protecting the 2021 Biden-Harris Title X Family Planning rule, which restored the Title X Family Planning Program to its original framework and further emphasized health equity across service delivery. Despite attacks on Title X over the past several years, AccessMatters remains committed to its diverse network of family planning providers and the patients they serve. Our network serves over 34,000 patients annually with preventive health services, including: annual gynecological exams, breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV/STI screening and treatment, birth control, and counseling, information, and medical services related to family planning services.  

We are focused on supporting the healthcare providers in our network to manage recent changes to the Title X Family Planning Program and ensure continued access to care for all who depend upon Title X funded services. AccessMatters applauds HHS on this monumental win that helps protect Title X and its services, and celebrates this victory for Title X. Our patients and providers continue to be our top priority as we work to ensure access to critical preventive health services in Southeastern Pennsylvania.”  

– Melissa Weiler Gerber, President & CEO


AccessMatters’ mission is to protect, expand, and enhance equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care and information for all people. For more information about AccessMatters’ programs, follow @AccessMatters4U on Twitter, and @AccessMatters on Facebook. 

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