Contact: Audrey Ann Ross

[PHILADELPHIA, PA – July 8, 2020]: Earlier today the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a decision in the Little Sisters of the Poor v Pennsylvania case, upholding the Trump Administration’s regulation that expanded employer exemptions to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage guarantee due to an employer’s moral or religious objections. The expanded exemptions were upheld by a vote of 7-2.

Following today’s decision, Melissa Weiler Gerber, AccessMatters’ President & CEO released the following statement:

“As a sexual and reproductive health organization with a mission to protect, expand and enhance equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care and information for all people, we are deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold expanded employer exemptions from the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage guarantee. Millions of people rely on the ACA’s contraceptive coverage guarantee for assurance that they will have continued contraceptive access.  This decision will undoubtedly create additional barriers for people accessing contraceptive care and will have ripple effects across our nation.


Pennsylvania is one of many states that lack statewide protections guaranteeing high-quality contraceptive care with no out-of-pocket costs. Expanding the number of employers who can deny contraceptive coverage will have widespread negative consequences on people’s health and lives. Access to contraception allows people to make decisions about their own health and well-being that are best for them, including if and when they want to start or grow a family.


We are inspired by the commitment of our community partners, fellow advocates, health care providers, and clients who have spoken up in support of access time and time again, and whose courage has motivated us to use our voice and platform to protect and expand access to contraceptive care. We also commend Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his team for their leadership and commitment to protecting Pennsylvanians’ access to contraceptive coverage and care.


Today’s decision is antithetical to our public health mission to expand rather than contract opportunities for people to obtain the care they desire and need. We are appreciative of Attorney General Shapiro’s pledge to continue this case in the lower courts to which the Supreme Court remanded it. As our Attorney General continues this fight, we are more motivated than ever to continue our advocacy for expanded coverage and vow to fight continued threats aimed at restricting access to sexual and reproductive health.”

– Melissa Weiler Gerber, President & CEO

AccessMattersmission is to protect, expand, and enhance equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care and information for all people. For more information about AccessMatters’ programs, visit, @AccessMatters4U on Twitter, and @AccessMatters on Facebook.

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