Contraceptive Choices and Preconception Health (Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes)

Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Kovar

There are no CEU credits available for this webinar.


A range of contraception options are available to individuals who want to avoid pregnancy. Such options include intrauterine devices, implants, injectibles (e.g., Depo Provera), the contraceptive patch, the vaginal ring, birth control pills, male condoms, female condoms, sponges, and diaphragms. This webinar provides an overview of currently available contraceptive options, including their respective levels of effectiveness in reducing pregnancy risk. In addition, this webinar briefly addresses the importance of increasing awareness of the integral relationship between a woman’s preconception health status and reproductive health outcomes among adolescents at risk for unintended pregnancy.


This webinar was designed for facilitators involved in the PA PREP program. Webinar-2014-06-24 12g  [This link is to a ZIPPED VERSION of the recorded webinar; it may be viewed in Windows Media Player],

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