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Philly Youth Power (PHLYP, pronounced “flip”) is a project of AccessMatters to address the specific sexual and reproductive health education concerns that exist for youth in systems of care. The aim of PHLYP is to provide medically accurate, culturally inclusive, and trauma-informed services that empower youth and facilitates positive development.

Working in collaboration with youth, facilitators, families, and foster care staff, PHLYP strives to create an environment that supports and always puts teens first. Joining the PHLYP Youth Advisory Board is one of many ways in which teens can shape their own PHLYP experience, from the curriculum to supplemental events and programs.

Given the unique circumstances we are facing in 2021, virtual implementation allows PHLYP to meet youth where they are. PHLYP uses an evidence-based sexual health curriculum for online group education sessions. The curriculum covers topics such as:

· Healthy relationships
· Consent and communication
· Making sexual health decisions
· Physical anatomy and reproduction
· Birth control and condoms
· Reducing risk for STDs
· Accessing sexual health services

PHLYP will also provide supplemental resources for teens and families. This includes:

· Parent, teen, and family workshops
· Expert speakers
· An online library (videos, articles, reports, etc.)
· Local partner connections and resources
· Virtual social events

 PHLYP strives to be more than a project, but rather a community where teens and families in the foster care system feel supported. It also aims to be a trusted resource for sexual and reproductive healthcare and information.

If you are or know a teen (13-19 years old) that has spent any time in home placement (group or foster home) in Philadelphia who is interested in learning more about PHLYP please email or call 215-985-2635

Philly Youth Power (PHLYP) is a project of AccessMatters in partnership with Tabor, Turning Points, CHOP, and St. Christopher’s Hospital made possible by Grant Number TP1AH0002490100 from the HHS Office of Population Affairs.


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