Family Planning Health Centers Have a Seat for Everyone

Whether you identify as she/her/hers or he/him/his or they/them/theirs or with other pronouns, there’s a family planning health center in Philadelphia for you. All are welcome, and no one will be turned away.

The one place you should feel safe is with a healthcare provider. Too often, that is not the case. Why? Well, because of:

Discrimination: In the trans community, 1 in 3 people have delayed preventative health care out of fear of discrimination. And, unfortunately, the fear isn’t necessarily unrealistic. About 1 in 4 trans people have been turned away by a health professional. Even among those who weren’t turned away, 28% have reported harassment in a doctor’s office, 2% have actually experienced physical violence.

All individuals are welcome at Philadelphia’s family planning health centers. No exceptions.

Lack of Knowledge: In general, not enough health care providers understand how to care for trans individuals. About half of trans patients have reported having to educate their provider about proper care. According to a 2016 study, 8 out of 10 gynecologists reported that they had not received training on transgender care.

At Philadelphia’s family planning health centers, many providers have received trainings to provide inclusive and affirming care to transgender people.

Financial Burden: Members of the trans community also face tremendous financial burden for care, which is made worse when insurance companies deny coverage based on the inability to establish a subscriber’s male or female identity.

Services come at no or low-cost at our family planning health centers, and insurance is never necessary.

Getting the Care You Deserve

What you should know about your sexual and reproductive health

Benefits of Philadelphia’s family planning health centers

Philadelphia’s no and low-cost family planning health centers are a safe, cost-effective to receive the care you need, and ensure that you:

You are welcome at any of Philadelphia’s low or no-cost family planning health centers. There are more than 25 located throughout the city, and many have early morning, evening, and weekend hours.

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