What is Family Planning?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “family planning.” Maybe you have no idea what it means. Family planning is a bit complex.

Basically, family planning services are educational or medical services that allow men and women to take charge of their sexual health. That includes everyone—whether you identify as male or female; whether you are in a relationship or not; whether you are gay, straight, or bi. If you’re having sex, family planning is anything that empowers you to protect yourself. And if you’re not having sex, it still helps you prioritize your health.

The services that fall under family planning include:

These services are either free or come at a very low cost. For close to 50 years, the U.S. government has set aside funding for family planning. The program, called Title X, makes it possible for us all to receive high-quality family planning services and other preventive health care. And, right here in Philly, there are more than 25 no or low-cost health centers that you can visit any time for family planning services.

For more information on Philly’s no or low-cost health centers,

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