Marisha Marsh

Director, Training and Capacity Building

Marisha Marsh is an educator and organizational strategist whose life’s work is rooted in education and praxis as core elements of growth and liberation. Born and raised in Maryland, Marsh got her start in community development as a Peace Corps volunteer in Eastern Europe at 21 years old. After being voted the country of Moldova’s Most Active International Volunteer, she moved to Philadelphia to invest in the lives of young people and the mission-driven organizations that serve them.

Her diverse professional experience includes holding leadership positions at grassroots and mid-sized nonprofits, tech startups, youth development organizations, and public health institutions. Driven by her passion for learning, she strives to create spaces where individuals can engage with information in new ways and apply new learnings to real-world situations. She holds a B.S. in Pre-medical Studies from Thomas Jefferson University and uses this background to make medical and academic terminology more accessible for all of her audiences. As leader of the training team at AccessMatters, her subject matter expertise includes talking to youth and clients about sexual and reproductive health, contraceptive counseling, healthy relationships, communication skills, youth facilitation skills, implicit racial bias, how white supremacist culture shows up in the workplace, and the impact of socioeconomic disparities on healthcare. 

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