Elected officials influence the policies that directly impact the lives of ALL Pennsylvanians. They influence decisions on various issues related to access to sexual and reproductive health care, and many others.

AccessMatters believes voting is a basic right that all people should be able to exercise without barriers. Historically, midterm elections have a low voter turnout. This year, however, many individuals and organizations, including AccessMatters, have been working hard to mobilize people to register and get out the vote (GOTV). We are hopeful that November 6th will reflect the great work of many groups, but need your help to ensure people have the non-partisan election information they need to get out to vote.

We partnered with National Voter Registration Day and collaborated with some of our health care providers to register their community members to vote. For GOTV, AccessMatters is participating in the Committee of Seventy’s WeVote initiative that promotes the “WeVote” mobile application to help voters access information related to polling locations, candidates, and voting rights.

What you need to know:

  • The following offices will be on the ballot in Pennsylvania:
  • Polls in Pennsylvania will be open from 7am until 8pm on Tuesday, November 6. If voters are in line when the polls close, they are entitled to vote. If a voter has voted at their polling location before, they do not need to bring ID to vote. Only voters who are voting for the first time in their election district need to show ID.
  • Go to votespa.com/pollingplace to find the polling location assigned to you.
  • Download the “WeVote” mobile app and join the AccessMatters team! Earn “points” for actions you take – like using the voter’s guide, volunteering, etc.
  • Billy Penn has put together a Q&A page that offers great information regarding voting..
  • Go to Vote411.org/ballot for a personalized ballot tool that provides you with information on the different candidates specific to your address.  You can also download a copy of Philadelphia’s sample ballot through the Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners.
  • Encourage voters to report any problems they may encounter by calling the League of Women Voters Hotline at: 866-687-8636.

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