​Are you feeling outraged? We are. Here’s the role we are playing now and in the coming weeks and months:

  • To reassure people who call our hotline, who interact with our teams, and who visit our provider sites that abortion care remains legal and that information and referrals are available to assist them nonjudgmentally with whatever reproductive health choices they are considering.
  • To continue to advocate at the state and federal level for increased support of client-centered care and the full range of sexual and reproductive health options for all who seek them.
  • To continue to educate ourselves and others on the disparate impacts overturning Roe would have on adolescents; Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC); LGBTQ+ populations; and other historically oppressed communities.
  • To continue to oppose efforts at the state level to criminalize abortion by statute and in our state constitution.
  • To continue to organize around comprehensive sex education for all PA students to ensure their adolescence is grounded in accurate and affirming information about their sexual health.
  • To continue to lift up the work of abortion providers, abortion funds, and reproductive justice organizations to ensure we are amplifying their voices around the impact of abortion restrictions.
  • To show grace and support to healthcare provider partners who also provide abortion services, and whose teams may be feeling additional strain on top of COVID and understaffing.
  • And as a 501(c)(3) agency, to promote non-partisan voter registration and voting to ensure the voices of our providers and clients are heard now and in November; and as individuals, to make plans for how we will spend our primary and general election days, when our offices are closed to facilitate civic engagement.

We can’t do this alone – this is how you can help:

  • Oppose Senate Bill 956, the constitutional amendment that aims to ban abortion in Pennsylvania.
  • Donate to abortion providers, abortion funds, and reproductive justice organizations.
  • Volunteer to write a letter to the editor to submit to your local paper talking about what is at risk.
  • Vote in Pennsylvania’s primary election on May 17 and in the general election in November.
  • Organize your friends and family to do this and more.


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