On Friday, December 15th, US District Judge Wendy Beetlestone granted a temporary injunction on a motion filed by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro requesting an injunction to halt the Trump administration’s efforts to allow more employers to deny contraceptive coverage for their employees. AccessMatters released the following statement in response:

“AccessMatters applauds the recent decision to grant a temporary injunction – a decision that preserves insurance coverage for birth control for Pennsylvanians and millions nationwide.  As an advocate and safety-net provider serving the most vulnerable populations – regardless of their coverage levels, we know a lack of access to affordable birth control would lead to poor health outcomes and would exacerbate existing health disparities in our communities.

We are grateful people can continue to access this important benefit despite heartless attempts to undermine access to affordable care.  We thank PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro for his commitment to ensuring people have access to the care they need.”

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