Contact:         Audrey Ann Ross

Statement from AccessMatters Congratulating Governor-Elect Tom Wolf,

Urging For Full Medicaid Expansion


PHILADELPHIA (November 5, 2014):  Statement from AccessMatters’ President and CEO Melissa Weiler Gerber following last night’s election:

“We congratulate Governor-elect Tom Wolf on his victory in Tuesday’s election.  Among the top priorities for restoring Pennsylvania’s health, we urge him to fully expand Medicaid and preserve SelectPlan for Women, an existing Medicaid family planning waiver set to expire on December 31, 2014.

Fully expanding Medicaid is the best option for Pennsylvania.  The impact on the most needy is considerable. Among clients served by AccessMatters’ network of health providers, full Medicaid expansion would make up to 32,500 consumers eligible for full healthcare coverage.  Without this coverage, significant numbers of people who live in southeastern Pennsylvania will remain uninsured, exacerbating health disparities in our communities.

We already anticipate that an estimated 12,000 women in Pennsylvania will lose their coverage beginning January 1st due to SelectPlan expiring.   These women, who make less than $25,000 a year, are not eligible for Medicaid because they “make too much,” yet cannot afford coverage through the Marketplace. Even as we hopefully move toward full Medicaid expansion under Governor-elect Wolf’s leadership, coverage gaps are difficult to predict but expected to continue. This is why SelectPlan for Women is a critical part of the safety net and should be extended while Pennsylvania implements Medicaid expansion.    Read more…

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