Elected officials influence the policies that directly impact the lives of ALL Pennsylvanians. They influence decisions on various issues related to access to sexual and reproductive health care, and many others.

AccessMatters believes voting is a basic right that all people should be able to exercise without barriers. Historically, non-presidential elections have a low voter turnout. We are partnering with National Voter Registration Day — a national day dedicated to registering eligible people in the United States to vote.

What you need to know:

  • The following offices will be on the ballot in Pennsylvania:
    • Statewide
      • Judge of the Superior Court 
      • Judge of the Commonwealth Court 
    • County
      • County Commissioner
      • Clerk of Courts
      • Controller 
      • Coroner 
      • District Attorney 
      • Prothonotary 
      • Recorder of Deeds 
      • Register of Wills 
      • Sheriff Treasurer
      • Magisterial District Judges
      • School Board
    • Philadelphia
      • Mayor 
      • City Council At-Large
      • City Council district races
      • Sheriff 
      • Register of Wills
    • Judges and Magisterial District Judicial races 

You can send your friends, families and colleagues information about voting. At VotesPA.com, you can:

  • Register to vote online by the registration deadline of October 7 at 11:59pm.
  • Print online registration forms in different languages.
  • Check your registration status to make sure all of their personal information is updated. If you are already registered to vote in Pennsylvania, you do not have to register again unless you need to change your name, address, or political party.

Also, you can share this helpful guide about the top 5 things every voter should know about the upcoming election in Pennsylvania Elections


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