With ongoing efforts to undermine reproductive health, it is essential that we continue to expand efforts to protect reproductive rights and access.  It is more important than ever that we unite to protect all that we have achieved on behalf of women and families across Pennsylvania. With the support of generous donors, AccessMatters is launching a campaign, “The Access Project,” to support a three-year health policy position at AccessMatters to preserve and expand access throughout the state.

We hope to raise $400,000 for this work and we are thrilled to announce that Janet and John Haas have offered a matching challenge grant of up to $75,000 from the Otto Haas Charitable Trust.  This means that your tax-deductible donation will be doubled by the Otto Haas Charitable Trust.

Please see our proposal for additional details.  The first initiative will be to address insurance coverage for contraceptives by working to pass legislation requiring insurance companies to cover FDA-approved contraceptives.

Please give today to help us maximize this generous opportunity by year-end.

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